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arugula, avocado&lactose free cream cheese seasoned with salt and black pepper on rye bread, sbam

Good morning friends ☺️☀️ 
I’m currently living in a beachside home stay, run by villagers and helping to create jobs for struggling locals. Looking around the backyard, you’d swear you were in Byron Bay. The last couple of days have seen lots of reflecting, thinking about family and loved ones, and I just want to encourage you all to spend time with the ones you love while you have the chance. Tell your friends you love them. Call your grandma. Take your dad out for lunch. When it all comes down to it, these are the people who care about us most and that’s what it’s all really about. (at Bãi Biển An Bàng, Hội An)

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red cabbage, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, carrot wrapped in rice paper w/ peanut sauce
this was delightful!

fitness & health

Breakfast this morning was a banana stuffed with maple almond butter, an apple, and strawberry yoplait light yogurt that I didn’t take a picture of.